LITECOM software

The latest LITECOM Software version (3.2.0) can be downloaded here!

In case you have Hardware B2 you need to use LITECOM Software version (2.16.6) which can be downloaded here!


The innovative LITECOM APP concept makes lighting control systems exceptionally flexible and easy to use.

LITECOM can be seamlessly extended with new functionalities or new luminaires as well as control units just by the activation of the appropriate APP.

By entering in the reference code of a LITECOM CCD in the search field the system provides any APP activation code ordered and released which is referring to this particular LITECOM CCD.

The APP activation code can be taken over easily by simple copy/paste action into your LITECOM system via the LITECOM Store in order to activate the APP. The corresponding functionality can be used immediately after the successful activation.

Please refer to the LITECOM manuals for basic function and for the functions provides by the optional APPs as well as for further information regarding LITECOM and on how to find the reference number.

The following manuals are available online: